Certification of Diamond Jewellery


When purchasing a diamond ring one word you can be sure to come across when researching for your diamond ring is the word certification.


At Je t’aime we value our customers together with delivering exceptional high quality products that have been fully inspected and quality checked with tightly controlled processes in our Quality Assurance department.


Some of our customers that are about to make their first purchase of a diamond ring for their loved one or a special occasion will want to know “what is a diamond certificate?”


A diamond certificate is where an independent laboratory carries out an evaluation to confirm the colour, clarity and carat and that the diamond stone purchased is genuine. The certificate is also particularly useful for insurance purposes as the report is accurate, reliable and trustworthy containing critical information that determines the value of the diamond stone. As one of the leading jewellery businesses we provide reassurance and confidence to our customers that all our diamonds are genuine “conflict free diamonds”. All diamonds supplied comply with the Kimberley process and the guidelines outlined by the United Nations.


All of our solitaire rings and solitaire rings with shoulder stones in excess of 0.30ct are certificated from one of the well known diamond grading laboratories:


GIA (Gemmological Institute of America)




IGI (International Gemmological Institute)



HRD Antwerp (Institute of Gemmology)


The diamond grading laboratories have their own controlled processes and methodology to grade the diamonds but all of which are adopted from the clearly well recognised GIA universal system. The GIA Certificate report consists of the following details:


Date Report number
Laser inscription registry Shape and cutting style
Measurements Carat weight
Colour grade Clarity grade
Cut grade Polish
Comments Finish
Security features Fluorescence
Plotting diagram GIA cut scale

GIA colour and clarity scales Proportion diagram



Diamond Inscriptions


Diamond inscriptions is a process used by all the major diamond laboratories around the world, as a way of identifying the diamond to its respective certificate. The inscription itself is where a very fine, accurate laser beam is used to etch a certificate number on the girdle of the diamond gemstone. During this process the precise laser beam does not affect the clarity or colour of the diamond gemstone but instead provides a means of identification and reassurance to the customer. The inscription on the gemstone can only be viewed when under high magnification (10x magnification or greater) and not by the naked eye. The GIA have all of their stones on a “dossier” cert (the smaller version of certificates) inscribed as standard, but it is offered by all the laboratories although it is not common practice to inscribe every certified diamond. This process gives the customer further added confidence that the certificate provided relates to the stone purchased.




Diamond rings with multiple stones




We want our customers to have the choice and availability that exceeds their every lasting dream and therefore offer a whole variety of diamond rings. We are therefore proud to be able to offer diamond rings with multiple stones. Often these types of diamond rings consist of a centre stone diamond with several small diamonds around the shoulders of the diamond ring. If we were to certify each of these small diamonds the costs associated would be phenomenal.




We want you to buy our high quality diamond rings at affordable prices that meet your expectations. We only use suppliers of diamonds that are reputable, trustworthy and reliable in the global industry and in return to keep costs down, all small diamonds that fall in the category of 10 to 15 points used in the shoulders of a diamond ring or wedding bands are graded by our highly qualified Quality Assurance Inspectors who conform to very tightly controlled processes. We believe by conforming to this process we are able to pass these saving onto you as our valued customer.


We want our customers to shop with confidence and in return enjoy their shopping experience with us.




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