Diamond Shapes

There is a whole variety of shapes available within the diamond jewellery business worldwide and at Je t’aime we aim to please all our customers by offering them various types of diamond shapes. Our ultimate proposition is to offer our customers the choice of shapes that are very popular across the globe. The key characteristics of beautiful gemstones are the way they are proportioned, cut and polished. As technology, tools and knowledge continues to improve we are able to see a whole variety of different diamond shapes available.


Below are various types of diamond shapes available across the jewellery business worldwide:



This is the most popular gemstone where three quarters of diamonds of this shape are sold today. The Round brilliant diamond has specific proportions and angles which in return is admired for its excellent brilliance and fire. The round brilliant cut diamond has 57 facets (58 if the culet is cut and polished). This popular shape is widely used across all diamond engagement and trilogy rings.
This particular cut has triangular and kite shaped facets radiating from its centre and has an overall rectangular or square look. The princess cut diamond has 49 to 78 facets but generally have 78 for their brilliance. This particular shape has fantastic characteristics that combine together to give sophisticated elegance and great brilliance. The Princess is a fairly modern shape and is becoming very popular across the globe.
The Emerald cut is the most popular fancy cut gemstone. A four-sided, elongated diamond that forms the steps of a staircase is shaped to give flashes of light with its own beauty and elegance not seen in other cuts. The Emerald cut is available from a square to a rectangular type shape. When buying this diamond shape the lower colour and inclusions are more visible in this particular gemstone if a high quality diamond is not purchased.
The Marquise gemstone has elongated ends that stretch to form an oval appearance but with the rounded edges meeting to two points. It has 56 facets and its striking cut appears to be much larger than it is which flatters the finger to give a fantastic brilliance and sparkle as that of a round brilliant cut.
This shape is able to offer the look of a larger stone through its elongated shape of oval cut diamonds. In return it offers great brilliance with an individual, creative look. With its unique design it is extremely popular as an engagement ring for someone with longer, delicate, slim fingers.
The heart shape is based on the round brilliant cut and its sparkle. It is one of the most attractive in the category of fancy cut diamonds. The shape represents the most romantic designs of all times and the high quality diamond is cut into shape by a skilled cutter to give its beauty and symbolising the meaning of true love.
This particular shape resembles the combination of both the oval and marquise cut to form a beautiful dazzling teardrop. Ideally this gemstone is best set for shoulder stones with a major centre stone or in a cluster around a larger diamond. With its unique design it is extremely popular for someone with longer, delicate, slim fingers.
The radiant is known for its corners and consists of 70 facets. This particular cut can be cut into an elongated model, similar to an emerald cut, or a more square like model similar to a princess cut. As a Radiant cut has “brilliant” faceting as opposed to an emerald cut which has “step cut” faceting, it tends to have more “sparkle” than an emerald cut and is more in tune with round brilliants and princess cuts in terms of its appearance. The radiant cut is very popular amongst fancy coloured diamonds as the shape of the diamond brings out the true colours of the stone.
The total light reflected from this cushion cut diamond is further increased with its larger facets and rounded corners. Its shape consists of a square border with rounded corners and sides with a cushion like centre. The shape gives an appearance of an antique look which has been popular for decades and with its great shine and beauty it represents a very romantic look.
The Asscher cut, or “square emerald cut” is from the same family as the emerald cut. It has “step cut” faceting, to give it an elegant look but has a square model as opposed to the rectangular model of the emerald cut. A very elegant and sophisticated diamond that is becoming more and more popular in modern day jewellery. Also a very popular choice for fancy colour stones.


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