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At Je t’aime we have selected the most beautiful exquisite collection of diamond wedding rings that offer the best in beauty shine and sparkle. Our stunning diamond wedding bands are the perfect gift for all the special occasions in life for your loved one! We want to be part of your big day celebrations by offering a timeless collection of classic, modern, fashionable wedding rings and wedding bands in standard weight, medium weight and heavy weight to celebrate your love and lifetime partnership forever.


Our beautiful diamond wedding rings are the perfect choice for those special wedding day celebrations and to show just how much that special person in your life means to you. Each luxury diamond ring has its own sparkle, brilliance and characteristics to reflect the personality and charm of your loved one. Our wedding rings collection offer the widest selection in terms of style, choice, diamond settings and the characteristics of each precious metal band for you to select the perfect wedding ring. Our carefully selected collection of popular diamond rings provide the best in sparkle and fire from each precious cut diamond. Our ladies diamond wedding ring consists of the most beautifully selected round brilliant cut diamonds or princess cut diamonds all set in their own unique way to give that impeccable quality style, finish and sparkle.


Each bridal diamond ring is handcrafted and manufactured to British standards by our highly qualified jewellery craftsmen in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. All our bridal diamond wedding rings are available in our most popular precious metals, Platinum, 18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold and upon request in Palladium. Our standard weight wedding rings are the lightest in weight when compared to medium weight and heavy weight diamond rings. Our medium weight wedding band weighs in between the standard weight wedding ring and the heavy weight diamond wedding band. The heavy weight bridal diamond wedding ring is the heaviest of all due to the weight and quantity of the precious metals used. All our standard weight, medium weight and heavy weight diamond wedding rings are made to British standard weights. Our selection of diamond rings gives you the chance to find something truly spectacular and fitting to your needs.


We pride ourselves in providing the very best in customer service. It’s important to us that you are satisfied with your shopping experience, which is why we offer continued support before and after buying your diamond rings from us. Our customer service consultants are at hand to provide you the very best advice and ensure you have made the perfect choice in choosing your diamond wedding ring.


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