Metal Choice

When purchasing your diamond ring one of the key questions our customers need to ask themselves is which metal is right for their chosen diamond ring. The information below will help you make the right choice to place your order with us.


Across the global diamond jewellery industry the most popular choice of metals for diamond jewellery is 18ct gold, Platinum and Palladium. These metals have a lot in common and in their purest form resist tarnishing and are also hypoallergenic whilst at the same time provide both elegance and class to your chosen ring.




Gold has been a very popular choice in jewellery and comes in 9 ct, 14ct and 18ct. At Je t’aime we offer 18ct gold as this is our best seller but if you wish to purchase any jewellery in 9ct or 14ct please complete our enquiry form or call our customer service consultants  who will endeavour to help you.


All 18ct yellow gold consists of 750 parts (75%) gold and 250 parts of other metals making it more valuable than the 9ct/14ct gold.  It is also less likely to cause an allergic reaction to people and usually have a deeper yellow colour when compared to 14ct gold make it a great choice for your jewellery.


White gold is produced from pure gold by adding other metals such as palladium or nickel, zinc, copper and silver. Due to the white gold alloy not being completely white it is rhodium plated to give it a white lustre look as platinum. Over a given period the rhodium plating eventually wears off and to maintain its white lustre look, the ring has to be rhodium plated again. It is strongly recommended not to wear white gold in hot-tubs and swimming pools because the chlorine can affect the metal. White gold is also more resistant to wear and abrasions.





Platinum is a metal that is able to offer that solid heavy feel and is made up by combining the platinum with iridium, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium and osmium to give a natural white coloured look. Platinum maintains its natural white colour and does not require rhodium plating and is hall marked 950. Platinum jewellery lasts and resists abrasion when compared to gold jewellery as the molecules are more dense and compact.




A palladium ring consists of 95% palladium and 5% of other metals. Palladium has the advantage not to turn yellow, its resists tarnish and doesn’t discolour on your skin and is whiter than white gold. It has a similar colour to platinum only that it is slightly darker with a hint of grey. It is possible to rhodium plate palladium to make it brighter but this is not necessary. In general the advantages of palladium offer a great choice for your jewellery. Palladium is again hall marked at 950 and is lighter in weight than platinum making it a cheaper option to purchase when compared to platinum.


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