At Je t’aime we ensure that all those within our business follow and share our Corporate Values which are organised into the ABC & 3E’s. Below you can find our corporate values as it is these values that drive everything we do at Je t’aime, and lets you know what you can expect from us as a caring company.

Arriving on time...

As well as expecting all of our team members to arrive at work on time, we also expect our jewellery consultants to arrive at our customers’ homes on time too.

With each and every home visit that is booked with us, we ensure that our team respectfully and courteously arrive at our customers home at the specified time that they have booked. This is because we understand that our customers have made time within their busy schedules for us to come and visit them with our range of fine jewellery, and therefore we strive to arrive on time to our customers’ home.

However, we do understand there are some circumstances that are outside our boundaries of control, such as traffic events and weather conditions that may delay our team from arriving on time. In such cases where our team encounters such conditions that are un-avoidable, customers will be contacted by their dedicated sales consultant by either a text or phone call to explain the situation and advise our customers of an updated time of arrival by using Live Traffic Systems our vehicles are equipped with to ensure we can provide the most accurate time of arrival. 

Embedded into our core that it is courteous, polite and respectful, we ensure all our customers are informed of such situations that may arise causing delays to customers. Once our team does arrive, we ensure the quality of service you receive from us is not compromised as a result of any delays incurred, although we endeavour to minimise any delays as much as possible.


At Je t’aime we are proud of the way we professionally conduct our Home Visit Consultations that are rated and reviewed by our customers as being five stars.

Our philosophy at Je t’aime is to deliver an unrivalled service whereby the customer journey is completely stress and hassle free. During our home visits, our valued jewellery sales consultants create a warm, open and friendly atmosphere for customers to choose their items of jewellery without being rushed for time. Our jewellery experts simultaneously guide customers with un-biased industry leading knowledge to ensure they make the right decision for them in order to own pieces of jewellery that last a lifetime and can be handed down generations.

Common values such as courtesy, politeness, respectfulness for others and one’s self are at the heart of every Home Visit our consultants conduct. Our tremendously high standards are upheld with pride with every customer we see from all walks of life. It is these incredibly high standards and values that eliminate from our processes hard sales tactics and pressure selling other retailers may use. We and our team firmly believe in honesty and integrity and uphold these dearly to create the best shopping environment for our customers. We adopt such brilliance within all aspects of our business to help forge a working and shopping environment second to none.

Customer Care...

Customer Care is a vital part of our business. We strive to deliver the best customer care within the jewellery space and have since developed a strong reputation of delivering the best customer care within our industry, whereby we bring the jewellery world into to our customers home at no cost.

With every home visit, our jewellery sales consultants put their best foot forward ensuring our customers feel comfortable and well supported when purchasing their fine jewellery from us in the comfort of their home. None of our jewellery sales consultants are purely sales trained, instead they are trained to be knowledgeable in the jewellery space which is in our, and our customers’ best interest as it supports customers to make the right decision for them whilst upholding our company values and our highest of standards.  

Our customer care does not stop when our consultants leave a customer’s home. As soon as we leave and place our customers order into production, their dedicated consultant will make time each week to send customer progression updates on their order and the stage it is at in production. The dedicated consultant who saw the customer initially, will be their sole point of contact in the transaction process from start to finish, this is because it allows a hassle free, smooth customer journey from start to finish.   

Once the customer order is ready for delivery, most other companies will send these out to the customer by a third-party courier, however we believe this is not in line with our core beliefs of outstanding, personalised customer care. Once their items of jewellery are ready to be delivered, the customers’ dedicated consultant will arrange for a date and time suited to the customer to deliver their order and provide them with our exclusive and sentimental handover experience which no other jewellery company offers.

Our exceptional personalised service remains unrivalled and allows our business to build on the outstanding customer care reputation we have established over many years. Our high standards that are delivered to the highest attention to detail combined with our key values ensure our customers have the smoothest of customer journeys accompanied with the most outstanding customer care.  

Extra Mile...

Our company is passionate about always going an extra mile for every customer. Our firm belief is that every customer should be specially treated throughout their customer journey with us, and going the extra mile will always be appreciated by customers and be remembered.

We ensure that all those within are company are easily contactable without having to through no long transfers or wait times to get hold of the right person. This is why each customer’s dedicated consultant provides customers with their direct contact details so they can easily get in touch for anything they need from us in a quick and efficient way.

During customer visits we like to ensure our consultants are open, honest and friendly to ensure customers can easily ask questions about anything they are unsure about without hesitation. Our consultants are trained about jewellery and therefore will be able to confidently answer any questions you may have about a jewellery topic, as well as guiding you to help make the right decisions for you.

Throughout the customer journey, we as a company strive to ensure things always go right first time and that’s why we take pride in our work and efforts knowing that we meet customer expectations first time around. However, we understand that life circumstances can change, and we therefore work close with our customers to swiftly rectify, remedy and act upon these changes in circumstances when they arise efficiently, to ensure the customer’s journey with us always remains as smooth as possible. 

As a company we understand that customers from any background may need some support from us when it comes to purchasing their jewellery with us. That’s why we decided to implement an easy individual based payment plan for customers who may need additional support. In these supportive payment plans, we work hand in hand with our customers to ensure we can help to find the best payment plan for them with no added interest or hidden charges. Customers who have used our payment plan services loved its simplicity, and how convenient and accommodating they were to them.

We as a company love to go the extra mile for all of our valued customers to ensure they are happy and cared for when shopping with Je t’aime.


As a caring company, all the jewellery products we bring to customers’ homes, during our home visit services, have all been locally handcrafted in the famous Jewellery Quarter using sustainably sourced materials from our manufactures and jewellers supply chains. All of the diamonds used in our products are sourced via the Kimberley Process, and all precious metals in our products have been sustainably mined. Further to using locally handcrafted products, we as a business are also proud to source our internal resources such as packaging supplies from local businesses. At Je t’aime we love to use local independent businesses that help grow our local economy and give back to local people. This in turn helps to create local growth and employment for local people and helps build a giving, prosperous and happy environment.   

We love creating a friendly, generous environment to all those associated with our business from suppliers to customers by always putting others first. Our home visits are unrivalled on the significance we place on creating the ultimate customer journey. Our customer feedback truly reflects on the environment we create for our customers.


Our ethos permeates everything we do as a business. We have a firm philosophy to give each and every customer the very best shopping experience from the comfort and convenience of their own home taking the stress out of the shopping process, and in return providing each customer a smooth and pleasurable customer journey accompanied with the highest quality jewellery products purchased from us. Our unique home visit consultations have been designed to ensure that our jewellery consultants provide every customer with industry leading, un-biased knowledge to ensure they make the right decision for them to ensure their jewellery can be cherished for a lifetime. We as a company are proud that every one of our customers loved their customer journey and the dedicated personalised service we offer from the very start until the very end, which has enabled us to have and maintain a constant 5 Star Service with 5 Star Reviews.

To put it simply, the customer is at the heart of everything we do here at Je t’aime.